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24/7 live cyber reporting for businesses

If you are a business, charity or other organisation which is currently suffering a live cyber attack (in progress), please call 0300 123 2040 immediately. 

Our specialist advisors are available 24 hours a day7 days a week. 

If you are member of the public you must call to report through our core opening hours or report online

What is a live cyber attack? 

A live attack is one that is ongoing, that is still affecting your system and your ability to work and there is an opportunity for law enforcement to stop the attack and/or secure evidence that will assist an investigation.

For example:

  • Cyber criminals have accessed your network and stolen personal information about your customers and are demanding payment for its safe return. This is also known as hacking extortion.


  • Your website is being flooded with traffic – customers are not able to access it as a result. This is called a distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack.

Additional resources

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has created the Small Business Guide to Response and Recovery. It provides small to medium sized organisations with guidance about how to prepare their response, and plan their recovery to a cyber incident.


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